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Sun Alternator Tester
« on: October 10, 2020, 11:30:11 AM »
Note: These threads are old. I managed to restore these Sun Automotive Equipment threads from backups that I had made several years ago.
Hope you like them -

This was basically a "clean-up" job. Last year I tracked this unit down locally. It was kept in a garden shed and was definitely showing it's age. Mostly the OEM paint was cracking and peeling.

It required a few new wires in some places, and I cut a new plywood base plate to give it a smaller footprint. The biggest hurdle was with the motor. It required a new start capacitor. The internal light fixture was replaced as well  so that the meter bezels and logo will light up like a Christmas tree ;D

No lights when I plugged it in --

The base has room for a VAT tester -- but I have my VAT on a cart, so eventually I cut a new base to fit

Bad "start" capacitor on the motor kept the machine from starting

Painted the outside cabinet and the face panels to get rid of rust spots and peeling paint.

New 24" light fixture from HD and she's ready to go

Wire brushed all the rust spots and hammer painted the entire alternator holding fixture -- that was a hard job, but it came out very nice.

The safety shroud received a fresh coat of paint as well -- nice "fire engine red"