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Sun Armature Tester
« on: October 10, 2020, 11:37:19 AM »
Note: These threads are old. I managed to restore these Sun Automotive Equipment threads from backups that I had made several years ago.
Hope you like them -

Here are a few pics I posted on GJ a few months ago. Finally finished the whole unit last night.

This is an AT1 armature tester, or "growler". The MOST interesting thing about this tester is that it uses a full-on 110v circuit to do continuity tests. I guess in those days safety standards were a little lax ;D;D

Those continuity probes are live 110v AC -- no recitfied DC current in this baby. WOW -- I can just imagine the fun that mechanics had "back in the day" with this little unit. On a bad day, you could kill yourself. ;D ;D

Looked like crap when I found it on e-bay

Look at those quality aluminum castings -- awesome!

Removed and rewired some dangerously frayed vintage cotton insulated wire --and installed a grounded plug