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Sun Condenser Tester -
« on: October 10, 2020, 11:41:53 AM »
Note: These threads are old. I managed to restore these Sun Automotive Equipment threads from backups that I had made several years ago.
Hope you like them -

This little tester represents one of the "Holy Grails" in Sun equipment. There weren't that many sold and if you can find one, the small CRT is usually crapped out, or the accessories are lost. You just can't find this unit as a complete set very often.

When it arrived, the OHM/MF gauge wasn't working so I dissassembled it and quickly found out that someone had tried to fix the meter and totally bent the movement. I had to unsolder the scale and realign the movement.

Talk about a pain. My hands aren't that steady anymore and maneuvering a soldering iron around in such a small space and on such small gauge wire is a lesson in frustration. Anyway, with that problem solved, and after a good cleanup and a few new leads, this one's a "keeper".


Meter finally responds after major surgery

--- so does the CRT :bounce:

All "buttoned up" and ready to go --:thumbup:

All the accessories were tested and work as well -- :bounce: