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Sun Diode Tester -
« on: October 10, 2020, 11:43:23 AM »
Note: These threads are old. I managed to restore these Sun Automotive Equipment threads from backups that I had made several years ago.
Hope you like them -

I received an e-mail from a gent that had read my Sun posts on the GJ site. He told me that he found an old rectifier/diode tester and wanted to give it to me since it doesn't work, and he was hoping I could fix and use it -- WoW!!!

So I told him that if it's fixable I'd give him $10 + S/H for it. It arrived this morning nicely packaged, and sure enough it didn't work. It's not a "rocket science" electronic marvel; simply an ammeter and a small transformer.

I took it apart and found a broken wire at a solder joint along with a corroded and broken test lead (resistance in the wire) -- so after a new clamp and boot, the thing seems to work again. I just sent him a paypal payment.