Spreader clamps - caution ...excessively long story


Now, I thought I possessed all the clamps known to modern man, but it turned out that I do not. I wont take that as a challenge to up my clamp collection game, as the saying "no man can own too many clamps" is not a self-evident truth.

I did, however have a fleeting need for an expanding style clamp for a one-time woodworking project, and quickly realized my Jorgensen clamps had a fixed head, and thus recused themselves from the case.

What to do? (stranded on a desert isle and surrounded with only the tools I own)

Why not clamp (get the pun?) two clamps end to end to allow the screw portions to drive away from each other.

The result is the pure Pony branded home-grown clamp on the left. Now, yes, I could have used Proto or Williams c-clamps to bind the Jorgensens together, but that would make for a far shorter story on a Saturday morning, AND tool purists such as yourselves, would banish me from further posts.

Job done! ....and I was off to butchering more wood projects that I gazed upon.

The moral of the story? Is that there ARE available NEW options to a spreader clamp dilemma.

1. The resin based (reversible head) style:
I am NOT in possession of this new-fangled (and sure to fade from popularity) resin technology. (gasp)

2. The apparently new Pony/Jorgensen dual purpose style:
I will NOT purchase more clamps, even more so, no brand NEW camps with packaging or hang tags. (gasp)

Of course other options were available to me, such as reaching into my bottle jack collection and over-do what should not be over-done.

Shown for reference is the typical bar clamp, which does NOT take well to reversing the head for several reasons. Lack of threaded area in the head due to the pipe threading being tapered (you only get less that one turn in), and the adjustable end, is awkward to operate and does not offer good surface contact. Shown in both a standard and reversed setup.

I submit to you, the ingenuity of making do, with what you have.


If the woman don't find you handsome, they'll at least find you handy!

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