Oh yeah, I was fooled by a 16oz'er. But I'm ok with it


While closing the deal on a tool box (fishing box) that I DIDN'T need, out came the other items for sale by the seller (who buys storage units). Some nice vintage, and yet not rusty items that I mostly passed on, but there was a nice 16z claw hammer, with the octa face, and somewhat octa handle that matches my go-to Stanley at home. Not needing two, I threw it in to the pile of (hey, lets make a package deal) on this other stuff and left with a heavy tool box.

The head was a tiny bit loose, and was epoxied over (which I though strange) on the top, and this morning as I was pulling the head off to give it the tidy'ing up it needed, I was also removing the very light PO engraving on the side of the head.

There it WAS! Under the patina, but not deeply stamped....THAT word! Right next to 16oz. The C country of origin! Uhhh...and to think I was putting that time and effort into freshening up a vintage Stanley, with the beautiful patina'd  lacquer wood finish.

Oh well, it doesn't say China now, but because the curved nail puller portion it was a bit different than my Stanley, it will make a nice compliment to the user collection.

hickory n Steel:
My first thought would have probably been Plumb Anchor or Bellknap bluegrass with the octagonal face and handle.
Too bad it was a junker, I've never seen one like this made in China.

Cool old box BTW.

It took me awhile to finish this up, both of the big box stores were out of fiberglass resin, but after mixing up a very small batch the head is now re-affixed.

That definitely will be my go-to remedy for affixing hammer heads, even when they do have wedges (this one didnt) to get that extra margin of safety. Just a dab of fiberglass resin between the head and handle.

Imposter hammer on the left, Stanley on the right. Life is now back to a dull roar.

hickory n Steel:
Whatever works I guess.

Personally i absolutely can't stand the resin for a tool handle hang, it's not as good as a traditional hang done right and is just more trouble down the line when you need to replace the handle.
I prefer a properly sized wedge, about 1/8" of handle protrusion, and 2 step wedges.

I just have my preferences I suppose,  if this worke for you and you like it then who am I to argue.


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