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I like the cab. I was going to buy a Mahindra but the dealer closed before I could. Talked to them on a Monday next Monday lot bare dealer gone.

so i guess you figured out i bought it?  :))

i absolutely have nothing bad to say about my mahindra max 26.

but you of all people will understand this. i have had enough of no cab, no heat. i nearly bought one from my local dealer a week or so back but someone bought it before i did. we did some sleuthing and found this one about 3 hours away. i went with s trailer and cash in hand, money talks.  nobody wants to see cash and an empty trailer drive away.

other than the wrong color of red i don't know why the guy wanted to sell it. immaculate condition, low hours, lots of factory warrant left. he was in the lawn care/landscaping business and had about 6 20-65 hp case-ih tractors in the stable. he complained about the electrical, electronic issues with them but sold the "one" that has never had an issue. he said the only issue he had was a leak in the fuel tank from the factory and it was replaced with no questions. if the ac works i will be golden. the extra lift height, lift capacity and hp are added bonuses.

anybody want to buy a  mahindra max 26 with under 300 hours? mama says i don't need 2!  :lol_hitting:

i can understand dealer issues rusty. independant dealer who only sell a few smaller lines are struggling. lack of new product to sell and  struggles with parts are killing them. i doubt that my dealer is going anywhere. they are a well estblished business that sells the full line of bobcat machinery, tractors and skid steers, mahindra tractors and some short line implement brands. their bread and butter is the heavy truck shop. about 10 bays with 2 heavy wreckers and line of used semi tractors for sale and rent.

their parts department is also well stocked. this tractor did not have the cruise control oprion.  some do, most didn't. they had 3 in stock, so it will get installed  today.

Nice buy Harlan. Your gonna love that cab at your age.

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