Awesome Big Bud clip

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That would be a thirsty operation. I've seen those up close and personal. Impressive.

Usually you can hear the neighbor a few miles away working ground on a cool fall night.

You'd be able to hear that thing two county's over!

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impressive machine.

i have not seen that one in person but have seen other big buds. a little on the crude side but stout as hell. too much for most places. those heavy machines take a toll on wet clay type soils. compaction is a deal breaker. they were better suited for larger wide open western areas with more arid climates.

phil though fields were large in my area, sometimes a mile long and or a mile wide. montana has fields miles long and miles wide.

Well that was an interesting rabbit hole to fall down. I had a look at bigtractorpower's Youtube page, the author of the Big Bud video, and found a video on the 750hp Rite 750 Earth Quake. This is the 3rd largest tractor in the world and is pulling a 20 bottom custom International 800 moldboard plow.


Comments in that video lead to the Australian built Baldwin 600. With farms in Australia sometimes bigger that some states in the US and even small countries, some big gear is used. The only decent video of the Baldwin 600 shows it pulling a 214ft air seeder!



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