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This tractor along with a Oliver Super 66 diesel where in the shed when I purchased the property along with a BUNCH of stuff I would consider junk. previous owner removed all of the junk over the course of a weekend but left these two tractors. I asked what the deal was and they offered to sell them. I was able to buy them both for a unbelievable deal, and the seller was happy they didn't have to deal removing them from the barn.

Some of you might remember this same thread from the old site. I started tearing this tractor down this past summer. For now I plan on just rebuilding the motor and getting this tractor running, driving, and working.


how the building looked when I took possession.

moved the 1650 into the shop area, the brakes had to be removed. it had sat so long the where rusted solid

removal of the wheels by myself went well

I removed the grill by hand alone, it was a mistake. After I got it on the floor I looked up the weight, 320 lbs. Im glad I didnt blow my guts out.

Block removed

In training

All of the connecting rod bearing look good except for #3 and #4. Since removing and researching I think the crank has a small bend in it.

The engine had been rebuilt recently, I think what has happened was they some how bent the crank (my guess is starting fluid). Now they hear a knock in the motor, the motor was in-framed and put back together and the knock is still there, parked it and that was it. When I tore into it I found new connecting rod bearings, main bearings, wrist pins, rings, and a pain full of oil with metal. I think they put just enough $$ into to piss them off and it showed, there was enough blue gasket maker floating in it to clog the oil pick up. I plan on taking the crank to the local crank doctor around Christmas, hopefully I hear good news and start putting it back together.   

Very nice -- love the space, and the little helper is as cute as can be. You're a lucky man --


--- Quote from: goodfellow on November 19, 2018, 01:14:58 PM ---Very nice -- love the space, and the little helper is as cute as can be. You're a lucky man --

--- End quote ---

He is great, I did have to get him a little box though. He was getting into my box and walking off with tools. I finally found a good use for HF wrenches  :))

I plan on getting him a small 3 or 4 drawer box in a few years and he can help me build him a set, I remember what got me into tools was getting blamed for losing everything. I hope to avoid that. 

Thanks for bringing these pics back. I will enjoy following this. I also like it when slipknot shows pics of him splitting tractors.


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