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Sounds fair.

Maybe we should add that the 20 posts include tool pics!   :)
So you use that with your phone?

The phone versions appear to have limited functionality. One of the things they lack is "output control" which might be needed to diag your shifting problem.
that was probably worth the price  without the spinner in there.
WELCOME CENTER / Re: Someone left the back door open
« Last post by skfarmer on Today at 10:52:07 AM »
i thought we left a window open for you. welcome back no matter how you got in.
WELCOME CENTER / Re: Someone left the back door open
« Last post by DeadNutz on Today at 10:43:20 AM »
Heck, the front door has been open for quite a while. Welcome back.
due to a rash of post and run new members in politics, new rules will be put in place. the staff is currently discussing how to deal with this but for now i think this will suffice. if you have 20 or more posts disregard this.

if you do not have 20 or more post do not post in politics. your posts will be deleted and repeat offenders will be banned.

feel free to visit with any member of the staff on this as we work through this. we welcome input from all members in good standing.

please report any offenders to the staff and thank you in advance for your cooperation.
What an investment for that price.
If this is like the rangers and broncos I used to work on,  plug it  back in, under the vehicle,  have someone cycle the switch, and tap on the motor,  often they stick from lack of use. 
So you use that with your phone?
PROJECTS, ALL EXCEPT VEHICLES / Re: Stupid Garage door question.
« Last post by RustFarmer on Today at 08:04:16 AM »
Are my garage door springs supposed to have some tension on them when the door is up?

Two types of garage door springs.  Extension and Torsion.  You have Extension.

With Extension springs, when the door is up, there is very little to no tension on the springs.  As stated upthread, upon proper adjustment of the springs, the weight of the door will be counterbalanced against the tension of the springs.  With the opener disconnected, the door should go up and down freely, and be counterbalanced (door should not go up or down by itself, at least not rapidly).

I've worked on both types of springs, not a big deal if you follow the proper procedures.

My tips:

Use a good ladder that is rated over the weight of you and the stuff you are carrying.
Wear a tool belt, remove the sharp pointy things from the belt and your pockets, and have a backup wrench in case you drop the main wrench.
On torsion springs DO NOT USE SCREWDRIVERS FOR WINDING BARS!  Buy or make the proper tool.
Set screws on torsion springs have square heads.  8 point sockets are ideal for this.
Think through what you will be doing before you begin.

Good Luck and Be Safe.
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