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Mossberg socket set machined steel sockets
« on: November 29, 2019, 04:01:20 PM »
Bought this on e-bay, didn't exactly know what I was getting, but this is a fine surprise.  This is so uncommon that I have never seen one anywhere----okay someone will prove me wrong.  The set is 11/16" drive, but not the pressed steel sets.  The sockets are male drive and machined---very heavy.  The speed wrench is female drive and directly fits the sockets and the sockets fit into the ratchet.  The extension is male one one end and female on the other so it will fit the ratchet and a male socket.  The ratchet is No. 356, which is 2 inches longer than those in the pressed steel sets---again, I have never seen this ratchet.  Lastly the bar fits into one end of the extension so you can supply more leverage.  The drive tools are marked Mossberg, but the sockets are not marked.  The box fits the tools.  I have some of the Mossberg alloy steel sockets and 1/2"drive tools, this is nothing like them.

Update--alloy artifacts just got this set and it is not shown yet, Set No. 65 and called Ever-Wear.
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