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Spiegel drill
« on: October 30, 2020, 07:45:15 AM »
Habitat store shopping.  I always dig through the boxes, cases, and misc. when I visit.   Prices have gone up some, but generally find a bargain.   Old power tools  wind up in a bin,  cords get thoroughly twisted up,  old battery tools  too.   Why they break up sets, take pristine stuff out of the case is beyond me.  Down in the bin I saw some aluminum cases.  Kept digging, found 2 very old Craftsman 1/4 drills, tried one, bearings growled bad, very bad.  Dug deeper, came out with a Spiegel 1/4 inch drill.  On off switch is a slide on top the D handle.  Chuck key attached even fits.  Evidently used little, despite the shelf wear.  Surfed the net,  found a twin, Cummins tool, owner said it was bought in 1949.  I overpaid at $7,  but it runs smooth, quiet too.  The D handle looks user friendly. 
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