Author Topic: So I Kinda Hate to Admit it But...  (Read 183 times)

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Re: So I Kinda Hate to Admit it But...
« Reply #15 on: November 21, 2020, 07:37:14 PM »
Agree, on construction screws, philips just doesnt cut it.  As far as the metric system,  they gave the basics in high school science and I said, why bother.  Here came the Army, meters, kilos and such.  My farm boy mind was locked into feet, yards, quarter mile and miles.  How many meters is that private?   Yeah, mentally going  from 1,000 ft to yards to 29 inch long meters,  no fun when adjusting artillery fire.  Then they switched to meter maps,  too coarse of measurements, we had guys getting lost because small hills did not show up, that are plain on a feet measured map.   Then the auto industry jumped to the metric system, oh yeah,  go buy some wrenches,  sockets, even adjustable wrenches, no kidding still got them.   My metric all lives in one drawer,  they never got along with the SAE.  Do not blame them.

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Re: So I Kinda Hate to Admit it But...
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Metric wasn't a choice for me as much as a forced adaptation.  I moved out of the US and where metric rules.

A measurement in any standard works if the piece fits.  I have even fabbed up stuff in steel not measuring but just using template technology.
I couldn't tell you how big any of it was but the parts fit perfectly.  The boss was liking the results but not the method.

Now digital verneer calipers can also do fractional as well as decimal inches in the better models like my boss has, the accuracy is good.
The learning curve is gone.  I never did learn how to use the other styles and now have no reason to.

Torx and it's generic equivalent were used heavily in some German makes and I came to like that.  The others moved to other new fangled fasteners that also work well, but didn't last ten years in the market before they went out of common use too.
I am not sure why but dammit, stop fixing what didn't break.
Bikes are still stuck deep in Allen type fasteners, that's cool.