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Roy -- "mmfh"
« on: August 31, 2018, 09:21:28 PM »
Member mmfh died as posted by member "Frederick Flintstone"
I had a long phone conversation with him 6 months or more back. We were comparing health issues. As both of us have diabetes

...this notification was posted by Anne (his wife) over on the GJ

I wanted to let everyone know that he sadly passed away November 3, 2012; he was on a boat with two friends when he had a sudden heart attack. Roy felt a real connection with his friends on the Garage Journal. He was excited to get his shop set up again in his garage and he showed me all the cool garage remodel pictures that he posted here. He took ideas from what he saw on the forum, repainted his garage and set up his equipment - he was close to finishing his shop, but he was very ill and he pushed himself more than he should have with his congestive heart failure. It was his dream to rebuild engines again and he told me he couldn't spend the rest of his life lying in bed doing nothing and that he would die trying - he was motivated and had a love for life. There were times when I would tell him to lay down when he wasn't feeling well, but he would say he had to finish something or get something done (he did take a lot of breaks when trying to do things, but he always got back up again and tried doing all he could). I just wanted everyone to know how much he enjoyed the the Garage Journal and thank you for being a part of his life. I want to thank everyone on this board who has helped Roy out in the past when he had a problem, and I hope he has helped others.

Thanks to my brother's help I have created a memorial website for Roy at His funeral service is this Sunday (18th), details are posted on the memorial blog.
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