Author Topic: Anyone here heard of the Wright Brothers?  (Read 111 times)

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Anyone here heard of the Wright Brothers?
« on: September 14, 2023, 01:30:24 PM »
Earlier posts I mentioned that I have eight kids and 19 Grand Kids. I have a 24 year old Grand Son who was always close. He took an interest in my old cars, machines, and tools. Several months ago he told me that I passed onto him that his passion for cars and tools. Through college he worked part time at private aviation company. He learned the workings in and around planes. After graduating from college he took a full time position in scheduling private flights. He was quick to purchase a really nice house and new truck. And is holding his own..

I was quick to accept his invite to discover his workplace. He's a few pictures I took. Sikorsky Helicopter that's far more advanced than Igor Sikorsky could have imagined 100 years ago from his first.

One of their smaller jets,, six passenger and cockpit.

One of their larger Jets,, 16 passenger plane ,, along with interior view and cockpit view

A small section of the command center where he works. That keeps tabs on all their air crafts around world. Everything is top class and Totally amazing! What an opportunity.. I would be happy to be a floor sweeper there? This was in the evening with a small amount of employees at their work stations. During normal hours most the work staions would be manned.

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Re: Anyone here heard of the Wright Brothers?
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Amazing and impressive. I wouldn't have missed that opportunity either.

In reference to your original question: yes, I've even been to Kitty Hawk.

Lou Manglass