Author Topic: Are trailer hub seals standardized?  (Read 1374 times)

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Are trailer hub seals standardized?
« on: June 16, 2020, 02:30:00 PM »
Iím slowly making progress on getting my trailer in tip top shape. Iím gonna grease the hub bearings and replace the seals in the next week or so.

Are the seals on trailers like this all the same so I can order them before found the tear down or do I have to get the number off the seal? This is made from a single axel boat trailer.

I got the A-frame jack installed yesterday. There was a bit of a snag. The hole in the top was fine but the hole in the plate on the underside was too small. Widening the hole proved to be extremely difficult so I cut everything forward of the hole out completely. Iíll replace the entire bottom plate later even though I could probably do without it.

I finished installing the floor today. Usable area is 6x13. Sides are 44Ē high from the floor. As I mentioned in another thread, I reinforced the floor with 2x1/4 angle iron. Itís REALLY strong now.

When I was pulling out all the rotted flooring, I thought I saw that one of the leaf spring bushing was worn out and needed replacing. It took me longer than I though but I got the bushing out and it was SHOT. However, the other bushings arenít in quite as of shape. I could have just left them as they were but I didnít discover that until I got past the point of no return on the 2nd bushing. These bushings are nylon with an inner steel sleeve. The bolts are seized inside the sleeve. I cut each end of the bolt that stuck out of the bushing so I could get the leafy spring out of the hanger. I tried drilling out some of the nylon bushing and broke 3 drill bits. I tried using a gear puller to push the bushing out the back side but it didnít work. The u-bolts holding the leaf spring to the axel are rusted so I canít get the leaf spring off to put it in a press. The only other thing I know to do is find someone with a torch and get them to blow it out.

Iím hoping to have it on the road by Friday.


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