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Those Chinese ....
« on: August 04, 2022, 01:38:50 PM » I had to swipe up on their "hay subscribe to our rag " to get that to go away.
It appears by some of their comments they think a poor decision is a good one. As much as I don't like pelosi shooting down or even scrambling jets to be up in here airspace is an act of war. They would find out real fast just what a carrier group can do. And we have several to choose from .

Near as I can tell their economy is crumbling. We have pretty much quit on the persian gulf and it's policing. They(china) is an end of the line place and imports pretty much every thing(like 85% of their industrial stuff). They had a swine flu epidemic and had to cull their heard( a LOT of pigs). If we sanctioned them like we did the Russians, I read they would be in a famine within 6 months.

Russia isn't doing much better.

I am proud to be an American. And super thankful.
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Re: Those Chinese ....
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Well if those dirt bag libs have their way USA will be following along down the tube .
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Is the need enough? Or does the want suffice?

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Re: Those Chinese ....
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Bidens handlers wouldn't let him retaliate. Too much moneys at stake.